Private Garden Time
During COVID-19

We invite our neighbors and arts community to spend some private time in our courtyard garden. Eat lunch, read a book, lay down, or stare at the sky, we leave it up to you.

Visits are limited to one person at a time or a co-habitating pair.

Email 12 hours in advance of when you would like to stop by and we will work with your schedule and ours to arrange access to the garden for a private hour-long visit.


Designed and built by Deep Earth, Interstate Project’s garden is an example of the permaculture practice of hügelkultur, in which mounds of logs and debris are covered with soil and allowed to naturally decompose. Acting as both sponge and fertilizer, this organic matter provides nourishment and drought protection for decades. This garden is host to the designer's personal plant collection and selected locally colonizing grasses and weeds.

Deep Earth is a landscape design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2018 by Josh Pavlacky, Deep Earth collaborates with artists and biologists to create ethical and educational plantscapes.

Joshua Pavlacky is a designer, artist, and curator based in Brooklyn, New York. From 2008-2013 he directed Appendix Project Space in Portland, OR, an international artist's residency and online exhibition platform. From 2013-2019 he directed American Medium, an art gallery focused on emerging trends in technology-based art and internet culture. Pavlacky has designed and produced social spaces and exhibitions for organizations such as Bloomberg at the Venice Biennale, the Friends of the Highline, Rough Trade Records, Domino Sugar Factory, Rhizome at the New Museum, the South African National Arts Festival and more.


S-O-T-A-E is a sculptural piece by Ignacio Gatica from 2017. The work presents itself as a fictional fragment–a ruin and a speculative map. The object takes its shape from the first projections of maps of South America and recalls the unorthodox approach to mapping that Giovanni Baptista Piranessi presented in Campo Marzio. A return to origins that calls into question the value and the notion of architecture´s rationality and a critique of the instrumentality of classical reason.

Ignacio Gatica´s practice identifies and questions systems of knowledge and structures that configures the urban, historical and personal experience. Gatica´s work focuses on the way social landscapes are shaped by these conditions and how they translate through cultural forms. Working in between installation, sculpture, video and text, his work maps out distinct forms of signs and signifiers, making unsuspected connections between them.

Ignacio Gatica (b. 1988, Santiago, Chile) is an artist based in New York, who works with installation, sculpture, video, and text. He founded Ediciones Popolet in 2014, an imprint that focuses on artist books and editions mostly from South America. In 2015, he was awarded a research fellowship at Flora Ars Natura, Colombia. Previous solo exhibitions of his work have been presented at Fundación Marso ; Casa Nova Arte Brasil; Galería Die Ecke among others. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe, at institutions including, Museo del Barrio, Fundation Ipocrenne, Paris,France , Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade , Sao Paulo , Brazil and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Santiago, Chile