U:L:O: 2019 | O: Sinkhole Project

Bar Art

Iain Mcdavid
Phoebe Franklin
Marc Matchak
Fence by Mario Miron

And friends of the hole:
Michael Bussell
Audrey Gair
Abby Lloyd
Alexandra Metcalf
Christopher Peckham
Chris Restina
Kira Scerbin
Andrea Sisson
Amy Stober
Michelle Uckotter
Hanna Umin

July 5 – July 28, 2019
Opening Reception July 5, 6-9pm

The first image I see when I wake up
Kim Kardashian falling asleep
in the water on ecstasy
suspended by buoys
Pills for sleeping while waking
O god of the stagnant water
I’m a spiritual kindergartener
I confess
I’ve learned to worship the lies
you’ve loved the best
My dewy other self in an
abundant orange grove
I wrote...
What I meant was...
I’m relaxing into my decay
in chemical colors
A toxic miasma glides
up the coast
masked finfoots and sooty albatross
meadows unmurmuring
Green marzipan raspberry jam
garish insects glisten in my palm
Making afterlife notes for my ancestors
I tear me to slivers
then bring them back to life

-Zoe Brezsny

Sinkhole Project, Baltimore MD – Sinkhole Project is a curatorial exercise by Joe W. Speier which treats a fence in Baltimore, MD (and sometimes elsewhere) as a physical pintrest board for works of art.

U:L:O: is a curatorial program that invites three curators over a four week period to organize a show in one of the three spaces at Interstate Projects, Upper(U:), Lower(L:), and Outside(O:). 2019 participating curators include: Museum Gallery (New York), Calaboose (Montreal), Sinkhole Project (Baltimore).