U:L:O: Part II | O: Curated by 99¢ Plus

Age of Aquarius

July 17 – August 2, 2015

Priscilla Jeong
Simran Johnston
Audrey Snyder
Kylie White

99¢ Plus is proud to present Age of Aquarius, a contemporary fountain garden.
Age of Aquarius presents the work of 4 female artists who each approach the fountain vessel as a contemporary medium to investigate social anxieties, the development of modern civilization, the use and distribution of water, or recreation and leisure.

Kylie White’s sculpture investigates the symbiotic relationship between oil and steel and how both materials have become the two most important resources for the development of Modern civilization.

Simran Johnston draws on the tradition of fountains as monuments as well as the duality in the social use of fountains as community meeting places and sites of personal contemplation.

Priscilla Jeong uses the fountain to explore contemporary social anxieties followed by searching for perfect health and peace through consumer objects. Jeong uses surreal humor to highlight the pathetic situations experienced in her narrative of self-discovery.

Audrey Snyder's ceramic vessels propose a model for the not-solid. In stilling the organization, distribution, and movement of water as infrastructure, the steep, slip, dissolve and saturation become a reverse current from which we can drink.

99¢ Plus Gallery is an artist run exhibition space and studio opened in 2014 in collaboration with HANDJOB Gallery/Store in an old 99¢ store in Bushwick, Brooklyn.