February 16, 2020

spalarnia is a simple blend of auto-tuned poetry, blunt electronic soundtracks and earnest theatricality. Among the sounds of old school samplers and synthesizers and a vocabulary of movement and affect derived from performance art spalarnia aims to simultaneously maintain a score of tensions—softly sung stories that promiscuously move between essentialist and political to personal and tongue-in-cheek; naïve semi-improvised keyboard riffs and 909 beats that linger on the border of music and non-music or the emotional ambiguity between singing and dancing for oneself alone and singing and dancing for others.

spalarnia is a sound and poetry alias of Wojciech Kosma, a performance artist known for staging nuanced representations of intimate relationships that wove together dance, theatre, and personal biographies. spalarnia's performances have been presented at Tate Modern in London, The Island Club in Limassol, bobshop in Berlin and POGON in Zagreb. Wojciech is a founding member of artist collective East London Cable and a member of a free jazz duo Hope Scandal (together with the drummer Bobo).