Rob Chavasse
The doldrums

April 29 - June 5, 2016
Opening Reception April 29th, 6-9pm

Interstate Projects is pleased to present The doldrums, a new single-channel projection by London based artist Rob Chavasse.

“Ii ddoonn’tt kknnooww wwhheerree iitt ssttaarrtteedd.
Tthhiiss lliissttlleessss ffeeeelliinngg.
Wwaakkee uupp eevveerryy mmoorrnniinngg lliikkee Ii’mm jjuusstt ddrriiffttiinngg”

The doldrums: where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet, the intertropical convergence zone, a low-pressure area where the prevailing winds are calm. Notorious for trapping sailing boats for weeks on end, this listless place, becomes the films destination.

Using video footage captured on a camera phone, Chavasse explores how undefined states can become points of refuge, malaise and contradiction through a passivity and lack of participation. Structured in three parts, this abstract and atmospheric narrative bridges a physical and virtual journey to a geographically transient location. Chavasse wants to de-regulate and disassemble contextual frameworks, so the video has the potential to become completely unmoored.

Rob Chavasse – b. 1984, Shoreham-by-Sea, England. Lives and works in London. He graduated from University of West of England in 2008. Current and forthcoming shows include; Bloody life, Herald St (London), Longshore Drift, Sorbus, (Helsinki), Jupiter Woods, (Vienna). Recent shows include; Condo, The Sunday Painter, (London), The earth is our radio, Karst, (Plymouth), Burnout, Lockup International, (London), Ceremonial platforms,, Earth wire, The Sunday Painter, (London), Groundwork, New Art Centre Roche Court, (Salisbury), Finite project altered daily, David Dale, (Glasgow), Drawing Biennial, Drawing room, (London).