U:L:O: Part II 2016 | U: Al Bedell

Young Adult

July 14 – July 31, 2016
Opening Reception June 14, 6-9pm

Clark Filio
Ann Hirsch
Paris Hynes
Borna Sammak
Rebecca Fin Simonetti

Dear Diary,

Oh my god. I FINALLY went to 80’s Night because Julio FINALLY got me and Krista our fake ID’s! I need to tell you everything before I forget.

So Julio gave us our fakes after 8th period and bought us a bottle of Svedka before dropping us off at Krista’s house. He said to memorize our fake birthdays and fake zodiac signs and to meet him at the corner of Maple and Beadart at midnight.

When Krista’s mom went to bed we got ready and pre-gamed in the den. Then we snuck out the back porch but the motion light went on so we just started running haha. Julio was waiting in his car with his creepy friend Teddy who’s like 28 and lives in his parents’ basement. I’m pretty sure they were both drunk but whatever. Anyway Teddy is obsessed with Krista so he sat in the back with her and I rode shotgun which was awesome because I chose the music. We blasted Taking Back Sunday and we all screamed along and it was soooooo fun. I’m obsessed with their new album.

So we finally got to New Paltz and drank more in the parking lot and then waited in the longest line ever. All the scene kids from LiveJournal were there, I was freaking the eff out!! I was so scared we wouldn’t get in!

We got in obviously and Krista and I ditched Julio and Loser Teddy and went to the middle of the dance floor. It was so crowded and people were dancing like crazy to White Wedding. Everyone in the club knew all the words to every single song. It was so cool and amazing.

Okay so K and I were dancing to Le Tigre and all of a sudden the HOTTEST guy started dancing with me from behind. We danced together for like 10 songs and then Just Like Heaven started playing and we started making out and it was so passionate and intense oh my goddddd. We kept dancing and kissing basically all night. We were drenched in sweat so we went outside for fresh air. We were making out again when Julio grabbed me away from Hot Guy and said to stop being a slut and we had to leave because Krista threw up and passed out on the sidewalk. It was so embarrassing I wanted to literally die.

So Julio brought us back to Krista’s and Krista is passed out on the floor and I just had to tell you this while it’s fresh in my mind. I really hope the Hot Guy is there next week and I reeeeeally hope he never finds out that I’m only 15.

Xoxoxox Al <3