U:L:O: Part II | O: Curated by CAVE

Paper for the Sky

June 18 - August 3, 2014

Rachelle Agundes, Heather Anger, Conrad Armstrong, Kevin Beasley, Dineke Blom, Alyssa Bogdan, Jacklyn Brickman, Ed Brown, Lakela Brown, Ryan Clark, Ashley Cook, Carrie Dickason, Naomi Draper, David Flaugher, Jessica Frelinghuysen, Mark Garry, Rebecca Gilbert, Curtis Glenn, Kurtis Greene, Arturo Herrera, Dmitri Hertz, Nicole Killian, Shoko Kozu, Steven Kuypers, Kylie Lockwood, Michael Jones McKean, Vanessa Merrill, Natalie Obert, Charlie O’Geen, Angela Pham, Oren Pinhassi, Chris Riddell, roseNseitz, Adam Shirley, Nolan Simon, Christopher Samuels, Dylan Spaysky, Jordan Stohl, Ryan Blair Sullivan, Ben K. Voss

This is a show for the sky. Paper works will bask in the rays of the sun and bathe in the weather of summer, letting the elements tan, fade, moisturize and harden their surfaces. At the end the work will bear the watermark of this experience.

The members of CAVE, for Interstate’s U:L:O: series, will curate together a collection of paper work created by various artists of our choosing. The papers will be positioned near the earth so that they are facing towards the heavens within the confines of the courtyard at 66 Knickerbocker Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237. Held in place through the gravitational weight of small heavy objects the paper works will be allowed to interact with the sky for the duration of the show. The sky will change the nature of the papers. The papers will change the nature of the heavens. The show will end. A catalog will be compiled.

CAVE is an artist run space located in Detroit Michigan. Loosely structured and highly economical to run CAVE has been a consistent venue for artist led shows and projects in the city since 2007.

Press for show: Art in America