Jesse Hulcher

The Remaster Cycle

March 2 - April 8, 2012
Opening Reception, Friday March 2, 6-9 pm

INTERSTATE PROJECTS is pleased to present The Remaster Cycle, Jesse Hulcher's first solo exhibition in New York. Through a wide range of digital and analog mediums, Hulcher explores the ways that corporate media influences how we view such disparate cultural experiences as the Vietnam war, Groundhog Day, and the Grateful Dead, among others.

With Groundhog Days - or - Same Shit, Same Day, Hulcher has written a custom DVD script that alters the playback of 1993's Groundhog Day, dictating that the central portion of the film devolves into an endless loop, rendering it a more realistic depiction of Phil Connor's experiences in Punxsutawny, PA. Staying within the medium of mass market film, The Vietnam Experience - or - Same Shit, Different Song, the viewer is presented with a distallation of the entertainment industries cinematic representation of the Vietnam War thoughout the previous four decades. Using a simple computer printer and custom software, The Music Never Stopped - or - Same Shit, Different Order, makes up for lost time by generating and performing 17 years worth of new Grateful Dead set-lists and live concerts for one of the most prolific live bands of all time.

Addressing the issue of media distribution on the internet, 40 Gigs to Freedom - or - Hot Shit, displays politically charged works of commercial media that have been illegally downloaded, albeit consensually, taking the creators at their word when titling media with "Steal This...". In the gallery project room, Hulcher looks at how virtual loss is experienced in real space with Gone Forever - or - Shit Just Got Real, by placing a trashcan that looks strikingly similar to the OSX trashcan on a pedestal as Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven, one of popular music's most sincere expressions of emotional and physical loss, plays in the background.

Jesse C. Hulcher (USA, 1980) is a media artist living and working in the US. Through works of digital video and installation, involving “social-media”, consumer technology and the Internet at large he explores the ways in which consumers use media and how they navigate their network of mass-marketing tools for the purposes of individual expression. His work has been exhibited across the US, Europe, Japan, on International Television and most importantly on the Internet. He currently checks his email from New York City.