Jeff Baij
Yautja Moms

February 21 - March 23, 2014
Opening reception February 21, 6-9pm

INTERSTATE is pleased to announce, Yautja Moms, the first solo exhibition of Jeff Baij.

A Yautja (e-wat-ya) is also known as the Predator. For this exhibition Baij will simulate an interior that combines the domestic and fictive.

Baij is most well known for his work on the web and using images and cultural visual cues in order to heighten, dissemble or to re-invent. With Yautja Moms, Baij will translate these ongoing impulses in an immersive installation that is more physical in presentation but still continues his aesthetic focuses.

Yautja Moms, is just one further step in the visual constructions and fascinations Baij creates. It is an evolution from screen to 3D to HG to real life. But like all archetypes, their manifestations are not linear. There will always be a looping back to continue the search for beauty, the essential. Through this excavation, the character Yautja and his mother become stand-ins for our collective fixations.

These types of characters spur imagination and create complex realities that may not exactly reflect our own, but are parallels that reveal it.

- - -

Jeff Baij is a Venice Beach based artist whose work stretches from beachfront taco trucks to the inner depths of Doctor Who’s Tardis, an abstracted smoothie of a world after the internet. He creates intricate images, psychedelic animations and sculptural interpretations of a collapsed global culture. Most recently his work has been included in the group exhibition Too Soon at Perry Rubenstein Gallery and has been featured on the 4th hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

~Exhibition catalog available

Frieze Magazine, Jeff Baij, Interstate Projects, New York, May 2014, by Michael Pepi